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Use the power of real-time graphics to make your meetings more effective and memorable!

Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation

If you're making the effort to bring your best minds together, you want that meeting to have lasting and innovative results.

Graphic recording increases learning, enhances engagement and stimulates clear, creative thinking. After your meeting, the graphic charts remind participants of their results and commitments and inspire continued action.

As a graphic recorder, I combine my artistic training (I have an MFA in Painting) and my business background (I was an IT analyst and project manager), with facilitation experience from gatherings around the world to help your meetings be more effective, engaging, creative, and results-oriented.

I create colorful, large-scale visual charts that use words and pictures to closely track even the most in-depth discussions - capturing your meeting content and helping you harvest insight and meaning as you work.

I can serve either as a graphic recorder--partnering with the meeting facilitator, or as a graphic facilitator--combining both the facilitation and recording roles. Whether your meeting venue is domestic or abroad, an intimate gathering of your best idea people or a conference involving your whole organization, I can help you to make your event more successful and memorable.


Here are examples of charts from an Appreciative Inquiry Team Retreat of a major hi-tech company.

Here are examples of charts from a Leadership Conference form a major international aid organization.

"Graphic Recording in the News"

news article
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Graphic recording captures people's attention and imagination. The Sarasota County Economic Development Summit was attended by the local press in Sarasota, Florida and the next day the front page of the Business Section of the Sarasota-Herald Tribune carried a photo of me and a participant working on the 'desired future' chart.

sarasota group

At the Sarasota County Economic Development business and community leaders gathered to study the current state of the local economy and generate a desired vision and strategies for moving forward. I recorded presentations made by a team of economic consultants. In addition, I created a 'current' map of the existing industry clusters, and participants then discussed their vision for Sarasota County and drew on the chart to make a 'desired future' map. This created a colorful diagram that incorporated the views of over 150 local business leaders, and was used by the consulting team as a touchstone image for the remainder of the project. It reflected the energy of the group and served as a vivid reminder of the commitment and enthusiasm present on the day of the meeting.

Client Quote

"It was amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm generated in the room as the group participants could actually see their ideas take on life through the graphic recording. It definitely added to and enhanced the dynamics of the planning sessions."

- Kathy Baylis
VP Economic Development,
Sarasota, FL

Visual Learning

Graphic facilitation engages visual perception, which studies have shown increases retention by 40% over the spoken word alone.